Our Services

We specialise in the following


DM Multi-Service Group in partner with certified property and building inspectors offer our clients the following:

DM Multi - Service Group offers professional Pre and Post inspections as well as recording of both inspections for future reference and comparisons. All reporting contains photographic imagery.
Properties require ongoing minor and extensive repairs that become tedious to keep track of. Our inspectors provide detailed reports on all faults reported allowing the landlords to view the faults without physically visiting their property. These reports contain professional comments and solutions of which can be used by contractors to ensure quality solutions are implemented.
Home inspection is an up and coming industry. These inspections are done pre sale in order to point out issues with a property that cannot be identified by the average consumer. These issues are documented into a report of which is attached to the sale agreement instead of the property being sold “voets toets”, but rather sold “subject to a home inspection”.

We offer 2 different inspections Namely:
• Essential Inspection
· Focuses on the structural & safety aspects of the structures. Includes cost estimates.

• Umbrella Inspection
· This is the most popular choice for cautious home buyers who want factual and detailed information on the condition of the property. Includes cost estimates.

Maintenance Management

Panel of Contractors – Development, handling and reviewing a panel of maintenance contractors on a continuous basis.
Tendering – We compile and manage small scale tender procedures to give our clients peace of mind in knowing they getting the best price as well as the right quality.
Quality Control – Random and scheduled inspections on contractors to ensure quality service and workmanship for all our clients. These inspections cover some of the following areas:
• Workmanship (compliance and quality).
• Customer Service
• Onsite Cleanliness
• Presentation.
• After sales services
Centre Point of contact – Dealing with a large number of contractors may shift our clients focus from their core business activities. We thus offer a centre point of contact to all your maintenance needs.
Guarantee on workmanship – DM Multi - Service Group guarantee’s the workmanship of all its contractors. Any defects in workmanship and or products supplied by DM will be repaired / replaced at our own cost.

Reactive Maintenance

DM offers reactive services for emergencies. We have a dedicated hotline for all your emergency services whereby we ensure that someone is available to assist you in those times of need.
Our emergency services cover the following:
• Emergency Services- 24/7 services for the following industries
• Plumbing
• Electrical
Anything over and above this, we will go out of our way to assist you as best we can. We will also be happy to add any other emergency services to the list above in order to suit our clients.

Turnkey Maintenance Solutions

We combine our professional inspections along with maintenance management solutions to provide our clients with a full end to end maintenance service.
Our Turnkey solution consists of the following:

• Inspections:
· Pre and Post inspections
· Interim inspections
· Fault reporting

• Maintenance Management Services
• Reactive Maintenance Services
• Property Profile

Electrical Services

Our team of electricians have a large amount of experience in the electrical construction industry. We provide full turnkey electrical solutions for both new builds as well as renovations.

Due to the complexity of the electrical maintenance industry and specifically fault finding and building compliance, we have dedicated members of our team available on a 24/7 basis to assist our clients with their electrical maintenance needs.

Renewable Energy

The country is currently in a power crisis along with the world taking strain from the vast amount of air pollution resulting from industry. Due to this DM has an in-house renewable energy team dedicated to turnkey renewable energy projects ranging from residential, to industrial installations. We have created a number of partners in the renewable energy sector that allows us to supply our clients with the ultimate one stop energy shop. Whatever you require we will be able to assist you.